Canada win GOLD at the 2013 World Hip Hop Championships

Canada win GOLD in all three divisions at the 2013 World Hip Hop Championships: Youth, Varsity and Adult. This is definitely worth celebrating!
2013 Winners of the World Hip-Hop Dance Championships

 YOUTH  (ages 8-12)

Gold – Flip (Canada)
Silver – Bubble Gum (New Zealand)
Bronze – Shinny-T (Japan)

VARSITY (13-17)

Gold – Brotherhood (Canada)
Silver – Sol-T-Shine (Japan)
Bronze – Sorority (New Zealand)

ADULT (18+)

Gold- Rockwell Family (Canada)
Silver- Identity (New Zealand)
Bronze – Elecoldxshot (Malaysia)


Gold – Royal Family (New Zealand)
Silver- Praise Team (Canada)
Bronze- U.P. Streetdance (Phillipines)


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