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Submission Call for Professional Urban Dance Production – Fri Oct 18 – 21, 2013

TUDS 2013 – Submission Call for Professional Urban Dance Theatre Production
Powered by Gadfly, TUDS Festival of Urban Dance Culture is at its 4th edition and this year we are looking to provide even more tangible opportunities for Urban Dance Artists to showcase their talent and work professionally. As a result, we are looking to commission a professional Theatre company (or choreographer) to present a piece containing urban dance components at TUDS4.

Details of the Festival
Dates: Friday October 18th to Sunday October 20th


1.    Must adhere to the 3 mottos of Gadfly:

  • Artistry: Work must have depth and originality (No ABDC or comp studio numbers)
  • Athleticism: Work must be hype (theme may be abstract but must be engaging)
  • Authenticity: Company embraces diversity (Ethnic, sexual, religious)

2. Production piece between 10- 15 minutes in length
3. Must be a completed production, excerpt of a full length production or substantially completed work
4. Maximum of 5 dancers (solo works will be considered if they’re solid)
5. Urban/Street Dance influenced work (dancers, movement qualities, choreography, music, or theme)
6. For an example of previous productions at TUDS refer to the following link.


Submit the following to [email protected] by end of day Tuesday September 10th
• Main contact person’s name, email address and phone number
• Biography
• Letter of intent: describe why you wish to present your work at TUDS and how your work is relevant to the festival and street dance culture
• Please include a short summary/description about the production piece including:
• Title of Work
• Choreographer(s)
• Number of Dancers(s)
• Music/Composer(s): Song Title and/ or Name of Composer(s)
• Submit up to two you tube video recording links of completed work or substantially completed work that you wish to present at TUDS


Is this commission paid: YES
Is transportation and accommodation covered: NO
Does the piece have to be specific to one street dance style: NO (Piece must have an urban dance flare but still be innovative)

For more info please click here.

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