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The Beat Down Hip Hop Dance Competition (“The Beat Down”) is a group based competition open to all ages, gender and level.  Currently in our 7th year of production, The Beat Down is one of the largest and most popular hip-hop dance competition of its kind in Canada. Dancers from all over the world audition every year with the hope to become North America’s Best, but only 10 teams selected will compete live on stage for the title, cash prize and giveaways.

Celebrity dancers Mike Song, Victor Kim and HOK of Quest Crew, Matt Nguyen and Justin Valles of Poreotics Crew, Ellen Kim of Movement Lifestyle have showcased at The Beat Down. Kaba Modern from the hit TV show America’s Best Dance Crew headlined at The Beat Down in 2009 and in 2011, The Kinjaz, featuring 9 of the top dancers in Los Angeles including Anthony Tran, ToyBox, Tony Tran, to name a few…

Youtube sensations Andrew Garcia, J.Reyez, Traphik, KoreanFX have all performed and contributed to The Beat Down.

With ongoing support from worldwide dance organizations, celebrity dancers and singers, sponsors and the local communities, The Beat Down is a credible competition not to be missed.

This year’s show will be held on SAT Aug 20, 2015 at Ryerson Theatre in Toronto, Canada.


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